Head of the School - Michaela Diena
Head of the School
Michaela Diena

Acorn House provides quality education for children since 1999. We are an English speaking international association with mother tongue, highly qualified teachers and pride ourselves on being an inclusive schooling system which supports children according to their needs. The school is also affiliated with primary schools and teachers training centres in the UK and in Italy, enabling us to keep up-to-date with curriculum and standards issues. We also provide a deep immersion in the Italian culture and school system, by following a stimulating bilingual English/ Italian curriculum that develops around both curriculum requirements. Our children attend yearly government exams, in order to allow families, the freedom of the choice amongst two different learning path and supporting any possible sudden change that parents may encounter due to international work mobility and relocation. The foundations of learning and the security of independence that we support from an early age continue through to all levels of ability and learning for each child. We co-ordinate a dual curricula programme and learning activities with one another, in order to prepare children for their passage into the next key stage level of learning, encompassing a spiral curriculum. We care for the happiness, health and confidence of each of our student encouraging each child to build a positive relationship with him/herself.

From Early Years to the end of Key Stage 3 Acorn House children are surrounded by an acre of park to explore and use during free play, Gym training sessions, as well as during Science experiments and Theatre play. Acorn House students are exposed to an environment that stimulates their curiosity and creativity in learning. Since 1999 an inspiring Performing Arts department has been also established and offered as part of the weekly life of all AHI children. Students participate to international Art awards and some of their work reached the Saatchi Gallery in London. At AHI our classrooms teaching method acknowledges the child's voice, making learning child-centred, activating children's motivation and the learning process. We like to offer them experiences were to bring learning to life, during specific cross curricula projects or by publishing children stories in real books and organising author day, at the conclusion of Creative Literature cycles. We also encourage students belonging to upper KS2 and KS3 classes to participate to Bocconi Math games and are proud of their results.

AHI offers an innovative and dynamic learning program covering Early Years KS1, KS2 and recently also KS3. The decision to extend the work done in these first 15 years at Acorn House allowed us to cover the learning itinerary progressively and continuously from 2 to 14 years old, in line with the recent Italian National Educational Guidelines, facilitating the link with the second educational cycle.
We are RISA AFFILIATE MEMBER since 2005.