In order to be aligned with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for Modern Language, AHI offers students the possibility to take Cambridge tests at the end of each learning cycle, in order to reach B2 level by the end of middle school age. However, due to the demanding nature of Italian state exams at the end of Year 9, an accelerated programme is run in the Middle School, so students can take the test at the end of Year 8. This is made possible through in-depth grammatical work in Year 7, followed by two hours of First Certificate practice per week in Year 8, which prepares them to take the exam in May. In Year 9, students continue their language studies by working through Cambridge Advanced English work, to maintain their high standard of English.

Common European Framework Level General English Main suite Cambridge Young Learners Tests Suggested time for attending the exams at Acorn House
C2 Good user CPE Certificate of Proficiency in English    
C1 Competent user CAE Certificate in Advanced English    
B2 Independent user FCE First Certificate in English   Year 8 class
B1 Threshold user PET Preliminary English Test   Year 6 class
A2 Waystage user KET Key English Test YLE Flyers Year 4 class
A1 Breakthrough   YLE Movers Year 3 class
    YLE Starters Year 2 class


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