Acorn House is proud to offer a new annual Latin course!

The course aims not only to introduce students to the study of the ancient Roman culture and language, but also to show them the roots of the Italian language, starting from the Indoeuropean origin. Lessons will mainly focus on the reading of short texts, by discovering how Latin is still present in our everyday life; teaching methodology will be based on the “natural” approach to this ancient language rather than the grammar-translation approach: lessons will be divided into two parts, before theory and then practice, where students will verify the effective learning stage.

The course is intended to reduce the gap between ancient and modern languages, it aims to make students understand which kind of High school is the most suitable for them.

The course will take place on Monday or Wednesday, from 16.30pm to 18.00pm, at the school, depending on the students’ preference. It will start if a minimum number of 4 students is achieved.

It will start on 3rd or 5th October and it will end on April, it consists of 35 hours divided into 23 lessons. It will follow the school calendar and any change will be promptly communicated.

Training material will be provided by the teacher, all materials can be left at school in a dedicated area.

For any information on costs and terms of participation, please contact the Administrative Secretariat, starting from September.