First month finished

Mini masters so far.

The end of the first month and the children have started with a bang!! No fireworks but they have produced and are nearing completion of some beautiful mini masterpieces.

During the month of September, the children in Early years explored colours, using painting and collage as their mediums. In primary and middle school classes the students were introduced to and explored the work of various artists, taking inspiration from the artist's works to produce their own traditional paintings and digital interpretations. The work will be displayed throughout the school and you will also have the opportunity to see a selection of the works on the Art Blog Gallery.

The gallery will be updated regularly, so please take a look whenever you can to see images of the children at work and some of their final artworks.

In the month of October during Art lab, the children will be involved in creating supporting materials for their class projects and starting an investigation into sculpture. Again updates on their progress will be seen in the gallery as the month goes by.