Assessment in Key Stage 3 at Acorn House is continuous and allows the students to demonstrate their achievement according to the objectives for each subject.

Assessment tasks include:

  • Open-ended, problem-solving activities
  • Research projects and investigations
  • Hands-on experimentation
  • Design projects
  • Analysis and reflection
  • Peer and self-assessment
  • Specific oral interrogation or written test at the end of work unit

When a student is given a work or an assignment, the teacher provides Success Criteria with which the student’s work will be graded. Success Criteria describe what must be done to be successful.

Students are assessed against specific standard clarified to them by teachers and available as reference.

Student’s achievements are communicated and targets for improvements are established together. Marking is regularly reported in the Regel digital system open to parents’ scrutiny. Achievements are translated into grades following the KS3 Assessment & Marking Policy.

At Acorn House two report cards summarise how the student progressed in the term/year: An Interim Report in January and a Final Report in June.

Positive notes may be posted, via Regel System, when a student is performing particularly well or has made remarkable improvement. In case of special mention successes are published on the Acorn House website as a particular award. Request for a meeting with parents/teachers/department coordinator may be sent any time if a student is consistently or suddenly performing below his/her potential.


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