The learning curriculum at Acorn House balances a challenging and in-depth study of both the English and Italian curriculum, providing every student with a rich and challenging bilingual programme of studies in English and Italian language, Math, Science, History and Geography, ICT- Art and Design, Music and P.E. implemented with English and Italian Literature, Spanish language and culture, History of Art and History of Music, along with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technologies in KS3. Acorn house dual curriculum therefore is aimed at developing to a high level abilities, skills and knowledge in both languages. As part of our commitment to providing an international dual curriculum students are provided with the prerequisites to continue their learning in either Italian or UK education system. At Acorn House teachers of each class group and department work closely together to ensure that links are formed between both language curriculum, guaranteeing solid learning foundations in all subject areas. Through the comprehensive studies of both curriculum requirements (Italian Ministry of Education 2012 and The UK National Curriculum new requirements 2014) the identified proficiencies and abilities have been successfully incorporated and linked within Acorn House dual curriculum. This allows for a unique combination of learning content and specific attention to cross curricular learning opportunities, in order to suit the diverse needs of learning styles of the students and to support the interconnections of the knowledge, and ensure the unity of its teaching. Through participation in work relating to the programme of study, pupils will also have opportunities to engage in discussion and undertake activities which fulfil the objectives of specific learning project experiences. Through student-centered teaching and inquiry-based learning the students are stimulated and supported to achieve their full potential. Each student at Acorn House is expected to be motivated and dedicated to the challenges of our learning path.


Acorn House




Early Years (Nursery)


Nido (classe ponte)


Early years (Pre-school )


Scuola dell'Infanzia 1



Foundation Stage

Scuola dell'Infanzia 2



Year 1 UK


Year 1

Scuola dell'Infanzia 3


Year 2 UK

1a Primaria ITA

Year 2


1a Primaria


Year 3 UK

2a Primaria ITA

Year 3

2a Primaria


Year 4 UK

3a Primaria ITA

Year 4

3a Primaria


Year 5 UK

4a Primaria ITA

Year 5

4a Primaria


Year 6 UK

5a Primaria ITA

Year 6

5a Primaria



Year 7 UK

1a Secondaria inf. ITA


Year 7


1a Secondaria inf.


Year 8 UK

2a secondaria inf. ITA

Year 8

2a Secondaria inf.


Year 9 UK

3a Secondaria inf. ITA

Year 9

3a Secondaria inf.

The dual curriculum offered at Acorn House and the constructivist approach applied by all our teachers in both curriculum encourages students to take responsibility for their own study and progress. By involving students in their own targets and becoming able to actively participate to the construction of their own learning, students become skilled in understanding how to learn and able to reflect for improving their personal abilities. They are encouraged to actively participate to peer and self-corrections understanding the further necessary steps needed for future improvements. At Acorn House we aim to provide a positive learning experience and to raise the level of achievement of each of our students, so that it is in line with his/her full potential.
Learning experiences are enhanced by the use of smart board present in all the classes from year 1 and school laptops made available to pupils from year 2.
At the end of our learning cycles of 11 years of a dual academic programme our students will be able to develop to a high standard:

  • communicative oral and written skills in both languages - Italian and English humanistic, scientific, mathematical and technological competence
  • critical thinking skills
  • reflection on their own learning styles and ability making effective decisions
  • social and civic competence
  • multicultural approach

At Acorn House students learn and work equally well in both Italian and English curricula.