The department of the Italian curriculum for the primary school represents a great linking bridge between infancy and adolescence. A comprehensive and challenging route that begins with learning reading and writing skills along with calculation and ends with the development of a complete and enriched individual. The motivation on the part of our teachers in carrying out interdisciplinary between the two curricula (Anglo-Saxon and Italian) makes the route of primary school even more exciting and rewarding. At the foundation of this trip lie the most innovative educational studies of our millennium: from Dewey’s pedagogical activism to cooperative group learning, from the inclusive education to the use of "inverted –class” technologies. The teaching objectives of the Italian curriculum, comply with ministry guidelines, and are enriched with educational insights derived from the Anglo-Saxon context of learning and multidisciplinary projects with the final aim of offering students with the pleasure of learning for themselves.

Targets to be achieved at the end of Primary school in the Italian curriculum

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