Acorn House accepts students into a grade in accordance with their age. The birthday cut-off date at AHI is December 31st.


NurseryJan 1st 2021 – Dec 31st 2021
PreschoolJan 1st 2020 - Dec 31st 2020
ReceptionJan 1st 2019- Dec 31st 2019
Year 1Jan 1st 2018 - Dec 31st 2018
Year 2Jan 1st 2017 - Dec 31st 2017
Year 3Jan 1st 2016 - Dec 31st 2016
Year 4Jan 1st 2015 - Dec 31st 2015
Year 5Jan 1st 2014 - Dec 31st 2014
Year 6Jan 1st 2013 - Dec 31st 2013
Year 7Jan 1st 2012 - Dec 31st 2012
Year 8Jan 1st 2011 - Dec 31st 2011
Year 9Jan 1st 2010 - Dec 31st 2010

In certain instances, enrollment may be granted outside this age requirement depending on the applicant’s past school experience and actual developmental and academic levels.

In the admission process, the following criteria are carefully considered:

  • Space availability
  • English language ability
  • Balance of languages, genders and academic strengths in a class
  • Physical and social maturity, especially for younger children
  • Suitability of the school’s educational program for the prospective student
  • Previous schooling records and reports and whether the child is within our range of academic requirements.

Young children have priority to enter the EYFS classes. However, they are not guaranteed enrollment and will be screened informally like all other applicants, during an informal meeting with one of the department Teacher. Siblings of currently enrolled students have priority over other applicants when all other entrance criteria are met. There are two dates within the School year calendar where entry tests in English and Italian are organised for new applicants.

  • 1st date: on Tuesday of the last week of November
  • 2nd date on Tuesday of the second week of January

Exceptionally we can consider organising entry test on different dates according to reasons that moved family to finalise the application procedure within a different time schedule to the one we indicate. This decision is made by the Head teacher in accordance with relevant curriculum coordinators. Places are limited and requests, once fulfilled our requirements, may be put on to a waiting list.