John Clarke - March 6, 2021
By Guglielmo C. On the 17th December, 2020, Pope Francis gave a speech to the United Nations in which he addressed the 2030 Agenda’s fourth goal of quality of education. He defined teaching as “an act of hope”, and expressed …
John Clarke - March 5, 2021
The importance of nature As we all know, nature is essential to the survival of ourselves and many other species, since it provides us with everything we need in order to live. Unfortunately, though, human activity is threatening the safety …
John Clarke - March 4, 2021
By Greta Se. In 2015, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda as a new action plan and revolutionary development model in which people, the planet, prosperity and peace play a fundamental role. It includes a total of 17 Sustainable …
Lara Lioce - February 24, 2021
A cura di Ginevra Tocci - Year 9 - L'Agenda 2030 è un progetto realizzato dall'Onu che si pone una serie di obiettivi, 17 in totale, da raggiungere entro questa data. In particolare il goal n. 16 ha l'obiettivo di garantire diritti e uguaglianza a tutti i cittadini del mondo e di creare istituzioni solide, pacifiche e giuste. Riusciremo a realizzare questo ambizioso progetto?
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