Acorn House follows a 5-step application process as outlined below:

  1. Initial Enquiry: The application process begins with the completion of our Initial Enquiry Form, which can be completed online by clicking here . Enquiry forms should be accompanied by the previous two year school reports (when applicable) and a motivational letter where parents explain the reasons that move them towards our educational setting, reasons for considering a change of school if entry request is moved in the middle of a learning cycle.
  2. Parents’ Visit: On receipt of the Initial Enquiry Form, we are happy to arrange a visit of the school. In this occasion Parents, accompanied by the Head teacher Dott.ssa M. Diena will be given the opportunity to understand our approaches and teaching strategies. Enquiring families will be entering in contact with children of different classes who will be happy to respond to questions. An informal meeting will take place at the end of the tour. This initial visit is essential to the application process, and gives parents the chance to get a clear sense of what the school offers to its students and their families.
  3. Children’s Visit: Should the initial visit prove successful, we will organise a time for you to bring your child(ren) to visit the school, meet their prospective class teacher(s), and have a formal interview/entering test.
  4. Open day If parents then wish to continue with the application, subject to the Headmaster’s approval, children are invited to have a day trial placement in the relevant class, or longer if necessary, when possible. After the trial, the parents will meet with the Headmaster and the class teacher to discuss the application and the school ethos in detail. The initial day trial may also be extended if considered necessary by the admission board.
  5. Acceptance: Parents will be asked to confirm their unequivocal commitment to our dual curriculum education and to confirm their respect to our school policies and commitment to support their child’s education, which is a pre-requisite for entrance into the Acorn House community. Providing the parents, the child(ren), and the teachers agree, the child will be offered a place. The first term is always a probationary period to ensure that the child is settling in well.

Enquiring families may be put on a temporary waiting list, according to place availability. Please contact us for more information.

We are unable to accept children with severe special educational needs, but are willing to accept any child with mild special educational needs.