Journalism Project

Becoming an adult is not a task; it is a process that comes through everyday life experience. Giving students the opportunity to live experiences such as the Journalism Project allows them to act and work as adults.

This three-year-cycle project aims to support our students in developing their writing and creative skills, enhance their knowledge about democracy and politics and facilitate their entrance into the world of work. Thanks to the creation of some TV news reports, our students won second place at the 2015 international competition Giornalisti nell’Erba with a two-language news report (English and Italian). In May 2016, the first school newspaper was printed under the name of Ghianda Standard.

The three-year-cycle project has been developed in the following way:

1st year – Broadcast news reports
a) Theory of television broadcast journalism

  • Journalism and democracy
  • Tasks of journalism
  • What is news: the 5Ws
  • Sources and news agencies
  • Structure and characteristics of news reports
  • Interviewing
  • Editorial slang
  • The television news report
  • Viewing and analysing news reports
  • History of television journalism


b) Writing news

  • Class news report in Italian (writing stand-up and voiceover, recording and interviewing, editing)
  • Class news report in English (writing stand-up, voiceover, recording and interviewing, editing)
  • Individual news report in English or Italian (writing stand-up, voiceover, recording and interviewing, editing)

2nd year – Newspaper journalism

a) Theory of newspaper journalism

  • Basic elements of journalism
  • Chronicle law
  • Press freedom and right to information
  • Prohibition of spreading false news
  • Editorial slang
  • Press office, press release and spokesperson
  • Printed newspapers
  • Comparison between different newspapers
  • Analysis of the structure of news
  • Characteristics of printed news reports

b) Writing news

  • Interviewing
  • Writing and editing
  • Layout
  • School newspaper



3rd year – Online news reports

a) Theory of online news reports

  • Basic elements of online journalism
  • Journalism ethics
  • Study of the Treviso Chart – rights of children
  • Executive director authority
  • Rights of journalists
  • From the 5Ws to the 5Cs
  • New boundaries of online journalism
  • Homepage analysis
  • The clicks war
  • Links, blogs and Twitter
  • Citizen journalism
  • Reading and analysing online news
  • History of the web journalism

b) Creating online news

  • News writing, recording and editing
  • Online newspaper layout
  • School’s online newspaper

Y7 - Acorn TV News

Y8 - Acorn Express Newspaper

Y9 - Acorn Online News