Sport’s Day

A great and classical way to bring parents, teachers and students together is by having a great, fun-filled sport’s day. This type of event allows students, from different years, to collectively take part in games and activities that they have done throughout the year in their very own PE classes. It allows them to socialise with peers they seldom have contact with. It gives them the opportunity to feel part of a team. It also allows parents to see how far their son or daughter has come. Due to logistic and safety purposes, our typical sport’s day would be divided into age /stage categories. Teachers and parents would be expected to actively take part in this event. Games for parents and students are also organised, so that children can also see what adults are capable of and to illustrate that what they have learnt throughout the year is not only a ‘kid’s thing’, but it can be applied to adults. Below is an example of next year’s sport’s day. The only classes which will not take active part are children belonging to EY class. (Please note that events could be altered).


Olympic Theme Sport’s Day

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RISA Music Festival

Every year, during Spring time, R.I.S.A. promotes a Musical festival where all year 5 students from International Schools in Rome take part (Grade 4 in the American system). The festival is held and organised by Ambrit International School. It consists of a series of music workshops agreed and led by the Music teachers of the different schools where all students meet and take part actively.

Each music teacher run two one-hour workshop, whilst students are re-arranged in groups (they will be in class for the morning with students coming from different other international schools) and will attend two different lessons. At the end of the morning every group will organise a small performance of what they’ve learnt and present it in public.

Previous years workshops were based on the following themes: Jazz Choir, Spanish Dance, African Dance, Poetry with music, Body percussions, Maori Stick games, Italian songs and many others. Jazz coir, Spanish Dance, African Dance, Poetry with music, Body Percussions, Maori Stick Games, Italian Songs, and many others.

These are some pictures from last year’s festival: