Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an association open to all parents, belonging to the Acorn House community, who wish to participate on a volunteer basis.

The Mission of the PTO is to support the school in educational projects, fundraising activities and enhancing the sense of community for students, parents and teachers alike. The funds raised have been used in the past to make improvements to the school whether they be physical improvements such as enhancing the outdoor facilities, such as the football pitch, or offering add on services for the community such as a emergency response course for parents.

Educational Projects that in the past proved to be successful:

  • Christmas event: "The Gift of Giving"
  • Christmas and Easter after school art labs
  • Support the teachers in educational projects or parties such as the Christmas Fair, the Exchange market during the end of the year party and the Cultural Day
  • Enhance the authenticity of the Cultural day in spring
  • Various charitable undertakings

Possible Fundraising Activities organised by PTO members for families:

  • After-school snack and picnic (Homemade cakes slice, biscuits and hot chocolate or fresh fruit juices)
  • Halloween Party
  • Easter Egg Hunt


School Community

PTO members organise were possible moments for the school community to come together