At Acorn House each class plans and delivers 3 cross-curricular projects at different times during the school year. Project duration can range from an  intensive day to a month/2 months. The first two project presentation days are organised in the school calendar in order to present projects and good practice to the rest of the teaching team, during specific Inset day, scheduled in the school calendar. The final project is a school project, aimed to discover and appreciate other cultures in the world, exploring food, habitats, habits, traditions and legends from other countries or continents. It always ends with a cultural day based around the area of interest.

30/10 – 1st project presentation
13/2 – 2nd project presentation
April/May – whole school cultural day

Project presentation days
During inset/project presentation days all teachers present their project using power point and present their classroom displays connected to the project. This is an opportunity to share the work of each other and give constructive feedback on areas of good practice and targets for further development.

Most frequently asked questions

What is a project experience?
Project experiences are designed to create cooperative teaching teams and a way of learning where children are given the opportunity to access knowledge through practical exploration.

What is a cooperative teaching team?
A cooperative teaching team is a team of teachers identified at the beginning of the school year, belonging to different class ages, who will be working together during the school year in close contact with each other.

How often will teachers be sharing this learning opportunity?
Cooperative teaching team projects carried out in your cooperative teaching teams are offered to the children of each class 3 times a year, in autumn, winter and spring term. This involves planning and reflective analyses of each experience which is shared within each cooperative teaching team, working together productively.

Two inset days take place during the school year, after the first two cooperative teaching team projects. Inset days are an opportunity for teachers to celebrate learning and reflect together. During these meetings each teaching team shows evidence of the experience done in each class preparing a power point presentation.

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